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From the first day you bring home your puppy or kitten, to the comfort needed in the senior years, we are here to offer wellness and preventative care for your furry family members.  Pets’ needs change throughout their life, and we will work with you to provide the best care based on their life stage and lifestyle.  Annual or semi-annual wellness exams are the best way to catch problems early or prevent them altogether.  You know what they say-an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


Wellness Examinations | Vaccinations | Fecal Testing | Parasite Prevention | Blood Testing | Nutrition Guidance


We offer a full suite of in-house diagnostic equipment to provide you with timely answers when you need them most. Our laboratory includes the latest technology for blood chemistries, complete blood count, urinalysis, and fecal testing.  To further assess internal functions, we offer digital x-ray, electrocardiography (ECG), and ultrasound.  When specialized testing is needed, you can rest assured that we have the capability of sending samples to state-of-the-art outside laboratories to obtain reliable, fast results.  Along with the doctor’s examination, the laboratory and imaging services we offer are an integral part of providing a timely, accurate diagnosis and beginning appropriate treatments to get your pet feeling better as soon as possible.


Digital X-ray | Ultrasound | In-house Laboratory Testing | ECG | Urinalysis | CBC | Serum Chemistry | Fecal Testing


Whether your pet’s surgical procedure is a planned, elective surgery or an emergency situation, we are here to help.  We perform a variety of surgical procedures including:  spay, neuter, mass removal, foreign body removal, bladder stone removal, abdominal exploratory surgery, and more.  When it is appropriate, our doctors perform surgery using laser technology to reduce bleeding, pain, and swelling; reduce risk of infection; and provide for faster recovery times. Our surgical team is highly trained and provides quality, compassionate care from the time your pet is admitted to the clinic until they follow up with you the day after surgery.  When our doctors feel a board certified surgeon is a better choice for a patient’s surgical needs, we confidently refer our patients to the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center.


Spay | Neuter | Laser Surgery | Soft Tissue Surgery | Elective Surgery | Emergency Surgery


Dog breath?  Cat not wanting to eat?  We can help!  Dental care is vital to the overall comfort and health of your pet throughout their life.  We offer a wide array of dental care services for dogs and cats.  From digital dental x-rays to identify problems under the gum line, to cleaning your pet’s teeth, to oral surgery, we can diagnose, treat, and prevent dental problems. We also offer a variety of products to help you keep those teeth shining at home!


Prevention & Treatment | Dental X-ray | Dental Cleaning | Oral Surgery


We understand that you are busy, and pets get sick at inopportune times.  We have you covered!  Hometown offers same day care for sick pets and day admit appointments for your convenience.  In the event your pet needs after hours emergency care, you can call us and be transferred by phone directly to the Green Bay Animal Referral Center


Same Day Care | Flexible Scheduling for Day Admit Appointments | Green Bay Animal Referral Center


Our doctors and staff are ready to help you decide on a nutritious, well balanced diet for your pet.  From growing kittens and puppies to nursing bitches and senior pets, we have food and nutritional recommendations to optimize health and well-being.  For pets with medical issues that require specialized diets, we carry therapeutic prescription diets to meet their needs and enhance their quality of life.


Pet Foods for all Life Stages | Prescription Diets


Microchips are a form of permanent identification that help to reunite lost pets with their owners.  For a low, one-time fee, pets can be microchipped and registered for life.  HomeAgain, the microchip company we use, offers many resources to pet owners along with a streamlined process to reunite you with your pet in the event they are lost.  Don’t have a case of “woulda, coulda, shoulda;” get your pet microchipped!


HomeAgain Microchips | Lifetime Pet Registration  

We offer an online store for your shopping convenience.  Our online store offers a wide variety of pet care products, prescriptions, and pet foods that will ship right to your door.  Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with shopping from a trusted, safe online pharmacy! Find the link to the store here or on the top menu bar.  Happy shopping!


Ship to Home | Pet Product Needs | Convenient Shopping | Trusted Online Pharmacy

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Exotic Animal Care

We provide services for a wide variety of species including birds, reptiles, rodents, and more. Whether you are interested in a wellness exam to discuss general care such as diet or habitat, or your pet is sick and needs immediate medical attention, we are here to help.

Wellness Education | Sick or Injured Care | Surgery

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